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At Church Hill Motors, we pride ourselves on being one of the most popular garages to cover Banstead. This has as much to do with our professional car servicing work and car repairs as it has to do with our personal approach.

We explain in layman’s terms exactly what car servicing and car repairs entail, and also how garages such as our own go about their work.

Church Hill Motors also undertake MOTs for our Banstead clients. We’re on hand to help you understand all of our services and this particular page points out why car repairs might be needed. There are many different aspects to car servicing and repair work. Here, we highlight what might be happening if your car is unexpectedly vibrating.

Our Car Repairs Resolve Poor Driving Characteristics

Vibrations at high speed can be caused by unaligned tyres. This usually happens at speeds of 50mph and upwards, depending on the car. If this is the case, we can realign the tyres so they run at their correct angle. These car repairs are surprisingly quick and easy to undertake for our many customers in the Banstead area.

If there are vibrations when the brakes go on, this could be down to worn brake shoes or brake pads. Annual car servicing will often highlight both these issues immediately. We can replace brake pads, shoes and callipers as one of the most trusted garages to cover Banstead and the surrounding Surrey area.

Worn parts are another reason for vibrations. Cars have many components that can suffer from the effects of wear-and-tear over time. These can include strut bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends and shock absorbers.

As one of the leading independent garages to cover Banstead, we can use MOTs or car servicing to highlight issues and recommend the replacement of worn parts.

MOTs for Roadworthiness and Safety

MOTs are another way for motorists in Banstead to have potential problems identified. For any issues that will need car repairs prior to the successful completion of MOTs, we will let you know before we go ahead with any further work. Our MOTs will highlight many parts not deemed roadworthy and these can be replaced before the retest.

If your vehicle is vibrating and you’re due to book in for annual car servicing, or if you think you need car repairs for an ongoing issue, now would be a good as time as any to let Church Hill Motors take care of things. As one of the most flexible and customer-focused garages covering Banstead, we are open 6 days a week for your convenience.

Book your vehicle in today for bespoke car servicing, car repairs and MOTs. We cover Banstead and all surrounding areas.
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