MOT’s in Carshalton Explained

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At Church Hill Motors, we cater for vehicle owners in Carshalton and all surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions for all vehicle makes and models. From car servicing and MOTs to car repairs and diagnostic work, we are able to offer affordable services as one of the most trusted garages in the county.

On this page, we explain why MOTs are so important and what they mean to the everyday Carshalton motorist.

Our car servicing and inspection workshop is an authorised testing centre approved by VOSA. Every employee on our team undergoes frequent training to ensure they’re up to date and knowledgeable with individual aspects of each test. MOTs are administered to check safety standards, emissions and how roadworthy a vehicle is.

All vehicles 3 years or older have to be presented for an annual inspection. MOTs normally take around 45 minutes and, if the vehicle passes, a certificate is duly completed and handed to the owner. We can combine MOTs with annual car servicing to give road users in Carshalton a combined price at affordable rates.

This is because motorists value our car servicing and car repairs as much as they value our MOTs. We think it’s only fair to offer the best prices to customers in Carshalton who come to use Church Hill Motors on a regular basis.

MOT Repair Services With Free Re-Tests

We let the owner know exactly why their vehicle may have failed the MOT test and recommend any car repairs we can carry out so it passes its re-test. There are 14 days for a vehicle to be re-tested, which give us ample time to carry out the required car repairs.

Once completed, one of our testers we put your vehicle through a further inspection to gain the all-important certificate. Vehicle owners in Carshalton can take their MOTs up to a month before the due date if needed. Tie in with one of our car servicing packages and you’ll only need to make one visit to our garage.

The following elements are all part of the MOT test and, as you would expect from Church Hill Motors, all inspections are fair and transparent. Our honest approach sets us apart from some other garages and our Carshalton customers can expect the same transparency with our car repairs and car servicing.

  • Door and Mirror Check
  • Exhaust and Emission Check
  • Fuel System Check
  • Horn Sound Check
  • Light and Indicator Check
  • Registration Plate Check
  • Seat and Belt Check
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Check
  • Vehicle Structure Check
  • Windscreen, Wiper and Washer Check

Like all reputable garages covering Carshalton, we undertake MOTs, car repairs and car servicing with the customer in mind.
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